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Marital and Couples Counseling

Couples tend to come for counseling when communication has broken down and one or both partners feel their lives have become too separate. This situation can be aggravated by many things, including extra-marital relationships, unexpected trauma or life stage crises such as birth of a child, a new job or last child leaving home.


Generally, couples begin counseling with weekly sessions. Using the framework of PARTNERINGĀ©, some couples will find 3-6 sessions sufficiently helpful to turn around non productive patterns. Others come for a few months or more, depending upon the depth of the discord as well as individual variables.


Joint sessions can be supplemented with individual appointments as may be needed to help each partner explore his/her personal journey and its effect on forming an intimate relationship. If the couple is working with both of us as a team, we have the option of combining individual and couple agendas within the same counseling format.