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Over the years, the Lyons have presented couples’ enrichment workshops in a variety of formats for partners desiring enhancement of their capacity for intimacy and acquisition of new interactional skills. The following is a partial list:


  • Reaching For Quality In Relationships: A 5 session workshop
  • Solving The Relationship Puzzle
  • Finding Security with your Partner in Times of Crisis and Stress -a post 9/11 seminar
  • Surviving as a Couple and a Family in the 90"s
  • The Importance of Relationships in Living With ADHD
  • Invite Your Partner To Lunch
  • Keeping Love Alive
  • Intimacy In Relationships: It’s Not Just Physical


The Lyons continue to be available for educational workshops and presentations at your church, school, or community group. Use the link on this page to download a sample brochure and application form or call us for more information at (517) 332-2275.